A Masterpiece of Design the latest Whirlpool W7 OM4 4BPS1 P effortlessly combines performance with reliable functionality.  Blending in seamlessly with any kitchen design you can truly rely on this oven to complement any existing interior design scheme. Boasting a sleek stainless steel finish this timeless design will really add a level of elegance to the home while serving you and your families needs for many years to come. 


Eliminate Uncertainty From Your Cooking


Eliminate all forms of uncertainty from your cooking with the latest 6th sense technology. With up to 40 different cooking combinations available, your cooking results will be consistently perfect time after time. This innovative cooking technology provides you with comprehensive support when tackling some of the most complicated and ambitious cooking recipes found within your favourites cookbook.  Why not slow cook a flavourful vegetarian casserole with the total peace of mind that the final result will be lovely and succulent with no unwanted burnt spots? or maybe you want to bake yourself a tasty home-cooked pizza topped with a generous serving of mozzarella and basil. No matter how adventurist your dinner plans, you can rely on this oven to assist you in creating dishes to remember. 


Find Your Sweet Spot 


Mastering your roast meats is no easy task, it can be very frustrating trying to finding that sweet spot when it comes to cooking time and temperature. Luckily this new Whirlpool oven enables you to get it right time after time. Equipped with a trustworthy meat probe you can really take your cooking to the next level. By simply inserting the probe into the core of your beloved cut of meat you can constantly monitor the temperature enabling you to achieve incredibly irresistible results time after time. This feature is absolutely fantastic for all Sunday roast dinner lovers as it provides you with total confidence that when you finally carve the roast beef you will be presented with a glistening ruby red colour which is simply to die for. 


Saving You Time When You Need It Most


Say goodbye to awkwardly standing around waiting for it to heat up and say hello to the latest Ready2Cook technology found within the Whirlpool W7 OM4 4BPS1 P Oven.  No need for pre-heating your oven prior to placing your food within, this Ready2Cook function uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the required temperature in record-breaking time. Completely eliminating the need for preheating your oven, this feature will help to save you time when you need it most. Arriving home after a long day at work can leave you ravenous, but thanks to the fast response of this oven you can be sat down enjoying a mid-week masterpiece in a matter of no time. 


Add A Sprinkle Of Finesse To Your Baking  


For all avid bakers, you can call off you long quest to find an oven that can do it all. Packed with the latest BakeSense technology you can finally bake and roast within one trusty oven. The advanced smart sensors help to monitor every aspect of the bake enabling you to really touch upon your baking finesse. With the ability to monitor the humidity as well as the temperature you can now have full control of every aspect that creates a perfect loaf of bread. Those flawless results are now closer than ever before, you can now bake a tasty loaf of bread with a crunchy outside but with a fluffy and moist inside without any failed attempts. This oven really does provide you with everything you may ever need to become the confident baker that you have always wanted to be. 


Eliminating The Hassle Of Cleaning 


Eliminating the time and hassle spent cleaning up the latest oven from Whirlpool really does go above and beyond to make your life easier. The Pyrolytic technology uses an extremely high-temperature cycle to burn all food and residue into a crisp. Taking a once time-consuming task of cleaning the oven and transforming it into a simple whip up of the ash. One of the greatest parts of this feature is that it eliminates the need for purchasing chemical-based degreasing products, this not only saves you time but it also helps to save you money. The spotless new oven that you fell in love with the day it arrived is only one touch of a button away. 


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