When sleek and sophisticated stainless steel design meets advanced refrigeration, the SBSes8663 American Fridge Freezer is created. A perfect choice for any family home, this side-by-side combination comes packed with innovative features and is finished with the famous Liebherr craftsmanship and high-quality standards.


Interior Features

As a unit, the SBSes8663 comes with a whole host of impressive features to help make your life that bit easier.



Offering a whole new dimension in freshness, BluPerformance is a feature that rapidly chills food and keeps it fresher for much longer than usual. With BluPerformance, the SBSes8663 is impressively spacious and comes with intuitive electronic controls to make your everyday life run smoother. No longer do you have to worry about filling the fridge and food going off. The SBSes8663 will provide you with the best temperature and humidity for the vitamin and mineral-rich food inside your fridge and keep it fresher for longer.

In a typical vegetable compartment, asparagus will stay fresh for around ten days. Whereas with BioFresh, asparagus can remain fresh for up to 18 days. In this fridge freezer, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products will all retain their key vitamins and minerals much longer and be a lot more valuable to your body.



Also included on the SBSes8663 is PowerCooling. This system ensures that freshly stored produce is rapidly cooled and that an even temperature is maintained throughout the appliance interior. When food is put into the fridge freezer, the fresh-air activated, charcoal filter, which is integrated into the fan will purify all the circulating air and will quickly trap any unwanted odours.


Smart Device

This appliance can also be integrated and networked to the SmartDeviceBox, which unlocks access to further services and can be controlled remotely from either a computer or a mobile device. For example, you will also be able to activate both SuperCool and SuperFrost for rapid cool down while you're still in the supermarket, shopping for groceries and you will receive helpful alerts if the door is left open or the power goes out.

The SmartDeviceBox will also work with Amazon's Alexa, letting you control certain functions on the refrigerator from any Alexa enabled device and with PHILIPS Hue hubs.

What's more, the SmartDeviceBox can also work together with FridgeCam to make products stocked in the refrigerator visible at any time. This will help you successfully create shopping lists and avoid buying the same item twice due to being unaware of fridge contents.


Bottle Rack

In this appliance, a bottle rack is also included to store beverages in a practical, yet still, aesthetically pleasing way. All your bottles will be stored side by side in a compact space for you to reach into the appliance and use, whenever needed.


Quality Craftsmanship

The SBSes8663 also integrates the famous Liebherr quality assurance and craftsmanship.

It comes with a unique SmartSteel finish, which significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints and scratches. The stainless steel is specially treated so should you accidentally catch your fridge door with something, you can be confident that no lasting damage will be done.

This fridge also has sturdy, secure handles and an integrated opening mechanism, to allow for convenient and effortless door opening.

Sometimes, cleanliness can be a concern, especially if you have children. In the sBSes8663, the replaceable door seal ensures optimum hygiene and thereby allows for safe food storage. It's also designed to match either the appliance door or the housing colour and is easy to insert, clean and replace when needed.


You may have chosen a premium yet family-friendly, cooling solution for your kitchen, but even once you have picked Liebherr, you require great customer service and delivery options. At The Lighthouse Electrical you can get Liebherr American Fridge Freezer's with great customer service and unbeatable prices guaranteed.