The fresher the food, the more nutritional value it will have. Liebherr's innovative BioFresh technology expertly stores food in optimum conditions, to keep it fresher for longer and full of those important vitamins and minerals.

The BioFresh technology works by keeping food just slightly above freezing point, far below conventional refrigerator compartment temperatures. This feature also allows you to keep control of the humidity of the fridge and tailor it to the food inside, using a slider to choose from either HydroSafe or DrySafe conditions.

With HydroSafe, the humidity level is raised. This keeps unpackaged fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer. Precise electronic controls ensure that a temperature of just above freezing is maintained and that your food will not accidentally freeze.

On the other hand, DrySafe will lower the humidity level and make the space ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products. Storing these in the right conditions will help them retain their flavour for far longer than in a conditional refrigerator compartment.

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